Как восстановить флэшку QUMO Инь-Янь 4 GbКак восстановить флээшку QUMO Инь-Янь 4 Gb фото 2

How to recover flash drive QUMO Yin-Yang 4 Gb?

As I have previously described the recovery process define VID and PID numbers flash drive using a program CheckUDisk V5.0. On the basis, we find that we need a utility-NT2039-U260 Repair Name: the Flash Disk USB (USB2.0) Logic Driver: F: \ ID & PID: Vid_0dd8 & Pid_1438 Speed: high speedVendorID: ...

July 17, 2009

Recover flash JetFlash TS4GJFV90

Today, I am doing recovery flash drive JetFlash TS4GJFV90. She died from pulling out of the computer to "hot." As it turned out tests, blocked the microcontroller. I climbed a bunch of resources on the Internet. Primarily ...

January 15, 2009
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